We have a small 2 lane indoor pistol range available for public shooting, Dewey’s Private Handgun Lessons, and Concealed Weapons Qualifications.

For public shooting, our range fee is $20 per shooter for a guaranteed 30 minutes of shooting.  Because it is only 2 lanes, if someone is waiting in line behind you to shoot, we limit it to 30 minutes.  If there is no one waiting in line behind you, you can shoot as long as it’s available.  We also sell lifetime memberships for $100.  When you have a membership, your fee is $10 for you and your guest.  You can shoot your own gun and ammo, as long as it is not steel core ammo.  There is no additional fee to shoot your own ammo.  But again, “NO STEEL CORE AMMO!”  You can rent one of Dewey’s used handguns for use in our range.  If you rent our gun, we do ask that you buy and use our ammo in it.  We’d hate to have your reload blow up our gun.  (Speaking of reloads and blowing up guns, if you own a stock Glock, don’t shoot reloads!)

We have a certified NRA instructor on staff, and we offer private lessons throughout the week.  Generally, our lessons are 30 minutes costing $35, and are designed with the new shooter in mind.  But, our lessons aren’t just for beginners.  If you are an experienced shooter, but feel that your missing something (like the target), maybe a lesson can be the answer.

On one Monday a month, we offer the South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permit class.  The class is 8 hours, from 9am to 5pm, at $75 per person.  You can reserve a spot by coming by Dewey’s Pawn and leaving a deposit.

NRA Slow Fire Target

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